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Top Silver is a steel trading company that has been supporting infrastructure development in the Philippines for over 30 years.

With our industry experience, we have gained recognition for providing affordable and tailored steel solutions, but never compromising on quality and safety.

Our flexible payment terms, top-notch after-sales service to customers, and industry-standard quality steel products have earned us the confidence of hundreds of construction and hardware businesses in Luzon.

Established 2022

brief history

Top Silver was born in 2000 — the beginning of the new millennium — as a continuation of our founders’ legacy of industry problem-solving and supporting infrastructure development.

Back then, Top Silver was just a dream concept of our hard-working founders. But it had a strong yet clear vision: to provide affordable but high-quality steel solutions, empowering the Filipino construction industry.

Turning dreams into reality, today, Top Silver continues its mission of empowering more partners to reach the TOP, by expanding its reliable service to more businesses, end-users, and contractors nationwide.


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